Where is the E-F site?


Q : Where is the E-F site?
A : From what I heard, if you go to any elite-fansubs.* except for this one you will probably run into it.

Q : Where is the editorial?
A : As with most editorials, this editorial was never meant to be a permanent installation.  If you want to read it, it is here.  It is old news now and I find it hard to believe that anyone would have wanted to read that insanely long article to the end.

Q : Why did you post the editorial?
A : Originally, the editorial was never meant to be posted.  ChuChu chugging away was just a place holder while I got the domain and hosting figured out.  Even then, he would have probably only been up for a week while I got the original content and database of the website copied and exported.  I merely wrote the editorial as a sort of anger management therapy.  Pouring my feelings into the editorial got them out of me.  I suppose that would explain why it sounds so angry.  It was written in the third person as a sort of self-evaluation from the outside.  A lot of thought went into my decision to post it and I was not angry at the time it was posted.  If you were uncomfortable reading it, I was equally uncomfortable in posting it.  I probably wouldn’t have posted it except that certain events transpired between certain E-F staff members and me.  I figured my side of the story would probably never be heard unless I took steps to make it known.

Q : What are you going to do with the domain?
A : I had just about decided that I would transfer the domain back to E-F when once again, certain events occurred between E-F staff members and me that changed my mind.  Who knows…maybe I will change my mind about transferring it yet again.  At this moment, I have not decided what I want to do with it.

Q : Why did you air your personal problems in public?
A : Since Nox240 decided to drag this situation into the public view, it would make sense that I would need to defend myself in the public view.  If that makes me immature and childish, then so be it.

Q : Comments? Random thoughts?
A : Things to ponder/lessons learned… If you want something from someone, being nice and respectful is a more proactive way of getting it than harassing that person and being rude.  No matter how well you think you know someone, you shouldn’t make assumptions about her/him based on incomplete information.  Even if you are prepared for it, internet attacks on your computer are annoying.  Never underestimate the little people.  Random thoughts… Chortling is better than giggling.  Juuni Kokki ending at episode 45 sucks.  Sleep is a good thing.